3 Fabulous Orangeries

I must admit that I find the difference between an orangery and a conservatory rather confusing. In theory I understand that a conservatory is a glass structure with a brick base and a pitched glazed roof. And an orangery is a brick structure with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern. Sometimes, however, I find that some structures are a hybrid between these two and it’s difficult to draw a distinct line. But anyway here are 3 fabulous orangeries (no offence meant with the inclusion of a conservatory).

3 Fabulous orangeries - GardenRoomStyle
  1. Historic Main Conservatory – Longwood Gardens
    I have not visited this place but from what I can see in the pics who can disagree with a statement claiming that “familiar specimens flourish in uncommon ways alongside mature trees and massive hanging baskets of intricately grown flowers”? The Historic Main Conservatory @ Longwood Gardens (UK), looks highly inspirational.
Longwood Orangery- GardenRoomStyle

2. Orangery at Chateau Le Brossay
Oh là là, the elegance of this orangery is almost tangible. A place you would just love to spend time in during unpleasant times of the year. Pleasant times too – how about a wedding at the Château du Brossay (Brittaney, France). In this very spot?

Conservatory at Chateau Le Brossay - GardenRoomStyle

3. Orangery – Castley Ashby
The unique Orangery, designed by architect Matthew Digby Wyatt dates back to 1872 and houses a large central pond, home to over one hundred fish and an abundance of water lilies. The orangery at Castle Ashby is a historic green space with a magic vibe.

Castle Abbey conservatory - GardenRoomStyle