A day in London

A day in London. Mid-march and I’m on a short visit. As per usual plenty to see and do. They joys of bright lights, big city, eh? Being out and about today I came across these garden design moments.

A day in London - a day in London -Multicolour Diorama - GardenRoomStyle

On King’s Road, this most fabulous Multicolour Diorama concrete cast sculpture can currently be viewed. A temporary installation it advertises the Beyond the Streets exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. In situ until 9th May.

Worlds End Nursery - a day in London - GardenRoomStyle

Roughly half way down King’s Road you’ll find World’s End. A place where the clocks go backwards and, well, in theory the world has come to an end. All local wit though, as the name derive from a local pub with ancient history. What is not a joke is the fine nursery that can be visited here. Don’t miss.

Cremorne gates - a day in London - GardenRoomStyle

These Cremorne Gates are on display inside the current Cremorne Gardens, but used to be one of the entrances to the original garden which closed in 1877. The gates are mostly built in cast iron and weigh approximately 8 tonnes. Details and class is exceptional.

Acuba japonica and citrus tree - great combo - GardenRoomStyle

It just happened to occur to me today that Aucuba japonica and citrus trees are a fine combo in terms of colour. Sadly they are incompatible when it comes to light conditions. Aucuba thrives in shade, citrus flourishes in sun.

Design week - a day in London - Chelsea Harbour, London - GardenRoomStyle

Lucky me I was in town in conection with the Design Week taking place at Chelsea Harbour. Lots of quality interiors and inspiration on show and a festive vibe.