Botanical legacy known as Parque de Málaga

Sometimes it’s a struggle to see the forest for all the trees. That said, I’m drawing parallels with the botanical legacy known as Parque de Málaga. Situated in that very city. I’m back from holidays, but just a little blathering for the road about this beauty. The park is located in the best possible spot near the puerto. As a tourist you’ll be struggling to avoid it. But will you actually notice it, paying attention to the unique plant specimens on show? The sculptures and fountains?

Pargue de Málaga seen from above - GardenRoomStyle

Parque de Málaga seen from platform near Castillo de Gibralfaro.

Parque de Málaga is located on reclaimed land and was laid out in connection with the construction of the port in the late 19th century. From the beginning the idea of a park proposed by local strong man Marquis of Larios received strong support. Work started in 1897 and the first plants were planted in 1900, an undertaking not completed until 1926. Vegetation comprises tropical and subtropical species, today many of them close to a hundred years old. They flourish thanks to the city’s sweet climate. It’s classified as one of the best open subtropical gardens in Europe. No need to pay, no gates, just take a stroll. Checking out this gem of botanical legacy known as Parque de Málaga is worth every minute.

Strelitzia reginae in Parque de Málaga - GardenRoomStyle

Strelitzia reginae in Parque de Málaga

Tambourines man - Parque de Málage - GardenRoomStyle

El Fiestero – Tambourine man – Parque de Málaga

A promenade - GardenRoomStyle

A promenade