Can there be too many water lilies?

Can there be too many water lilies? The thought has never really occurred to me before. Until today that is. Or rather the other day when they were brought to mind seeing an image of Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny. You’ve most certainly seen on of those images, if not the real paintings. The charm of the water, lilies and and the overall vibe just jumps out and immerses you. Read somewhere that Monet thought his life achievement was the creation of his garden. I can understand that, it’s gorgeous.

Can there be too many water lilies? - Garden Room Style

So, anyway, the subject of water lilies was brought to mind. Thought I’d make my way to check some of that beauty out in a nearby park. Where a prime feature is, yes, The Water Lily Pond (Näckrosdammen). I had envisaged seeing mesmerizingly beautiful blooms as it is in the midst of their blooming period. Disappointingly only saw a couple of blooms, but instead masses of giant green leaves filling up the entire pond. Thinking, well, not that I mind maximalism, but this is a bit too much, isn’t it?

Lilies @ Näckrosdammen Göteborg - Garden Room Style

Some research revealed that water lilies are heavily invasive and can completely take over the water feature it’s supposed to enhance. This could be worth keeping in mind if your plan is to add some Monet spirit to your garden. The pond seen in the pics was completely emptied in 2014, a primary reason being cutting back the lilies. Seems to me they are back with a vengeance.

Lilies @ Näckrosdammen Göteborg - Garden Room Style