Chumleigh gardens – a hidden gem.

Found these images I took about five years ago when visiting Chumleigh gardens, a hidden gem in southeast London. Being part of Burgess Park, it’s a dedication to the area’s cultural diversity where Mediterranean, Islamic, Oriental, African & English gardens rest side by side. Having a massive weakness for Islamic gardens, there’s no surprise this was my favourite. Completely empty it was too when visiting, providing for plenty of photo opportunities.

Chumleigh gardens – a hidden gem. - Garden Room Style
Palm tree and blue/turquoise Islamic tiles – what a combo!

Churmleigh gardens was established in 1995. The original plan was to locate it in the Aylesbury Estate, lucky that plan was aborted as that Estate is now a goner. If you are into exploring different types of gardens, this a good place to go. No need to travel across the world, just let you feet take you from one style to another in no time at all.

Chumleigh gardens – a hidden gem. - Garden Room Style
Butia capitata?

I recently learnt that there are two types of palm trees, one has feather-like leaves, the other fan shaped. This does not make me an expert … At first I thought maybe the palm tree forming the centrepiece of the Islamic garden was a Canary palm (Phoenix canariensis). Then I reconsidered thinking it’s more probably a Jelly Palm (Butia capitata). Then again, could be wrong on that too …

Seating offering fine views @ Chumleigh Gardens - Garden Room Style