Everybody loves a lawn.

That a freebie newspaper can offer so much valuable information. Such as the fact that everybody loves a lawn. According to the Enquirer, a media resource providing readers in upmarket areas of central London with essential local information such as property, lawns are consistently a garden’s most valuable feature.

A naturalistic lawn - GardenRoomStyle
A naturalistic lawn.

Personally I have a somewhat mixed relationship with lawns. Having had my own house and garden for 20 years I know a thing or two about them. For example that they, in the spring/summer/early autumn seasons, need considerable minding (not as easy maintenance as some think). Also that I would struggle to see myself owning a garden without at least a smallish patch of lawn.

A private lawn - GardenRoomStyle
A private lawn.

Interestingly, the Enquirer refers to a report (which one is not mentioned) that mirrors my sentiments. It conveys that people think that lawns are good for children’s play and easy on the eye. Real deal grass is preferable, fake grass is not a favourite. Like me, most property buyers don’t seem to think that scale is of outmost importance. Au contraire, a big lawn can be off-putting as many are unsure of how to take care of it. Lawns, by the way, are not only for kids’ fun. Adults find them equally attractive, not only easy on the eyes, but for games, socialising and what else enjoyment there is.

A criss-crossed lawn - GardenRoomStyle
A criss-crossed lawn.