Fashion florals – w3/2023

If you can’t indulge in the blooms outside, how about working them on your casual/workout wear? Rather splendid idea if you ask me. Here are fashion florals – w3/2023 that caught my attention.

Fashion florals w3/2023 - GardenRoomStyle

Fashion florals w3/2023 – GardenRoomStyle

  1. Dolce & Gabbana has been working this dynamic pattern on other outfits. Why not on sports/leisurewear? A luxury brand, needless to say, has to work luxury fabric. Wearers will fit themselves into 94% silk. Say no more.
  2. Backpacks always come in handy. This STASH BACKPACK UNISEX from Nike will cheer wearers and onlookers equally all year round.
  3. A blooming poncho – for men by Nike. I like oversized tops, so I could see myself in one of these. Looks great and promises to keep you dry no matter what the weather.
  4. What a fun training/casual wear outfit! The colours and blooms put a smile on the face. Leggings and top from Desigual.
  5. Sleet, snow and murky pavements. Nothing’s gonna stop my stride. These Gel-Nimbus 24 W, with a happy floral pattern could even make me dance down the street. By Asics.
  6. This cap boasts the iconic KENZO ‘Pop Bouquetprint reinterpreted by Nigo. It has a classic design with an adjustable strap and a metallic buckle at the back. This must-have streetwear accessory will enhance and enliven an urban outfit.