First common ground of fashion and gardens

It was patterns, not flowers, that was the first common ground of fashion and gardens. This I learnt from reading the Fashion & Gardens Journal, written by Nicola Shulman in conjunction with an exhibition with the same title name @ the Garden Museum in London in 2014. I posted about this last week or so. The subject has stayed in my mind since. Fashion is a passion, so no wonder.

Floral fashion -First common ground of fashion and gardens - Garden Room Style

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The common ground became noticeable in the 16th century according to Nicola. This was an age of cloth, when textile was the principle decorative medium and likely your most expensive possession. Embroideries, weaves and damask patterns took inspiration from nature. And then in return set the standard for garden design features such as knots (parterres), mazes, and scrolls.

Floral fashion has reached highs and lows and come and gone (a little bit) since then. But never fully disappeared, no matter what the season. I like floral fashion, it makes me happy. The said journal gave me the idea to start posting floral fashion inspiration on Pinterest. Please follow if you like. Given the fantastic creations around, not least the colour combos, what a great source of inspiration for garden designers fashion can be … As I’m sure many already know …