GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w13/2023

Summer might be some time away, at least where I am. But clocks got into the swing of things during the weekend, which can only be a sign of where we are heading. The GardenRoomStyle moodboard – w13/2023 shines the torch on some desirable items suitable for outdoor pursuits.

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard - w13/2023

GardenRoomStyle moodboard – w13/2023

  1. On the beach. In the garden. Rackets sports are fun. If you want to add luxury to the equation, how about these Set of 2 Under the Waves beach rackets from Hèrmes? Made in France featuring hand printed beechwood and cork handles. A silkscreened rubber ball is included.
  2. Love the colour and hour glass shape of this versatile Piapolo Stool. The all-aluminium design, comes in 10 shades of the Fermob color chart, with a 100% polyester powder coating. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as a table or seat. By Fermob.
  3. Tubular design seems to be all the rage at the moment. This Bobbin Chair by Laun is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Made from a series of bolsters the are threaded between two aluminum rails that evoke the waves of the Pacific. This lowrider is cool.
  4. Patterned breeze blocks. Don’t get me started on that subject, I’ve raved about them before. Luckily I’m not the only one enchanted. This construction by Thirteen Building Group is a fabulous backdrop for garden design schemes.
  5. I say a big yes to THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic hand-woven lantern collection from Dedon. The frame consist of aluminum. The base consist of marble nero marquina. Fancy. Comes with a LED outdoor lighting system, rechargeable by solar panels or cable.
  6. And more on lights. If I was in the neighbourhood I would most definitely take time to check out the the “Lights on” forming part of the Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023.