GardenRoomStyle Moodboard -w46/2022

It’s grey and moody out there. So I’ve been engaging in wishful thinking, which is obvious in the GardenRoomStyle Moodboard w46/2022. Or how about primavera coloured bed linen and equally blossoming meadow inspiration? Add to that a bit different lighting bollards, classic tree grills, a stylish planter and vintage garden furniture. Below are the details.

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard - w46/2022

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w46/2022

  1. These Radiata Timber Pine Sleeper Bollards are a tad different in my opinion. Made from South African timber they are fully sanded to give a smooth top quality finish and are pressure treated. Expected lifespan is 15 years. From
  2. It’s been a mild winter. Mid-November and I can still see meadow blooms. Plan ahead for next year, perhaps being tempted by this Classic Annual Meadow Seed Mix producing a fine, ever-changing display from late spring to mid-autumn.
  3. I love fine bed linen. They don’t come much finer than Festa di Primavera from That pattern and those colours are just so pretty and inviting.
  4. These kind of tree grills can often be found in public (urban) landscaping, I reckon they could be considered for private gardens as well. Perhaps not so much for protection but because of the look. A nice detail. From
  5. Vintage is my thing. Always has been. This set of concrete furniture in 1970s Willy Guhl style is seriously cool. It might be sold but still nothing but inspirational. Seen at