GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w49/2022

What attracted my attention this week? Seems plants have a certain focus in the GardenRoomStyle Moodboard -w49/2022. Or how about cloud pruning and a wedding cake tree? I thought a garden in an oil rig was an interesting concept and why not throw in jungle cutlery for good measure. Below are the details.

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard - w49/2022

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard -w49/2002

  1. Pink sandstone. How cute. Well, yes, but also rather classy and sophisticated. Not to mention a bit different and unusual. As such I’m sure there could be discussions in the decision-making process. If location allows, however, could add a real va va voom vibe. Mined in India, UK and Australia as well as other places I’m sure.
  2. I like the minimalistic landscaping of the new Molteni&Co Pavillion in Milan, Italy. Designed by Marco Bay the organic shape and restrained planting fits hand in glove with the modernist architecture.
  3. Cloud pruning. Say no more. If statement is what you’re after in your garden then start cutting. The right way, naturally.
  4. How cool isn’t the Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’? This is a new plant discovery for me – where have I’ve been? This gem of a tree is gorgeous in shape, blooms and variegated leaves.
  5. The jungle. Difficult to beat when it comes to vegetation exotica. Just to hammer this message home, why not eat with it? The Jungle cutlery set from Sambonet will delight any tablescaping.
  6. And on the subject of exotica. Surely a garden in an oil rig is right up there? The SEE MONSTER is a retired rig from the North Sea, transformed into one of the UK’s largest public art installations to inspire global conversations about reuse, renewables and the great British weather.