GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w50/2022.

It’s cold outside, but that’s not stopping the world of garden design revolving – inside and out. GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w50/2022 is showcasing a hortensia armchair, inspirational garden designs, black and white jungle print wallpaper, a most fantastic slop abode and more.

GardenRoomStyle Moodboard - w50/2022
  1. A hortensia armchair! Imagine snuggling into that in the midst of winter. Even spring, summer and autumn. Hortensias are such beautiful blooms, Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué @ Moooi really had a lightbulb moment coming up with this design. Found in various colours.
  2. Garden design inspiration. So many gifted designers out there, so fabulous to digest the most varied ideas. As an example, each year the Australian Landscape Design Institute organises a design competition. They publish the winners on their website. Sit back, absorb and contemplate.
  3. Monochrome has a definite appeal. I know cause I have such wallpaper. Not jungle theme though. A black and white jungle wallpaper is rather contradictory. From Maisons du Monde.
  4. Garden design does not always have to have BRAND NEW stamped on the blue print. I like the sensitive, cool touch to the design of the backyard of a former autorepair workshop in Melbourne, Australia. By Waddell Landscape Design.
  5. Landscape slopes are tricky to design. To say the least, especially when they have this kind of gradient. Why bother even trying, instead opting to go for a (small) house construction? This one by Milad Eshtiyaghi Studio is sensational. Could move in tomorrow.
  6. New (read unusual) garden design materials. Am always on the lookout for those. Being highly partial to bling, this aluminium bronze sheeting found at the Sven Harry Art Museum in Stockholm, immediately caught my attention. Design by Wingårdh. The terrace offers a curated sculpture garden and beautiful view of the city and nearby park.