Getting lost in blooms

The turbulence out there. I used to be a high consumer of current affair news. No longer so. One drama after another. Real or perceived. It’s like a jungle, some times I ponder what keeps me (human kind) from going under. How great that spring is here and getting lost in blooms is an option. Here’s some that I’ve found recently.

Getting lost in blooms - Hellebores - GardenRoomStyle

Hellebores are a real treasure when it comes to kick-starting the blooming season in the garden. They look so gentle but are very tough at heart. These ones look positively angelic.

Getting lost in blooms - euphorbia - GardenRoomStyle

Euphorbias have such a vibrant, lime green colour in early spring. Look fresh as. In the background a red Chaenomeles x superba.

Chaenomeles x superba - GardeRoomStyle

More white – Chaenomeles x superba Jet Trail

Magnolia stellata - GardenRoomStyle

And just for the road – more white. Magnolia stellata looks utterly pristine.

Getting lost in blooms - GardenRoomStyle

And this is me stretching to take in all the blooming action.