Green in da green room

Green in da green room - Garden Room Style

When on holiday in Spain recently I came across a number of planters containing green(!) plants positioned against a green wall. Thought to myself, ‘Is that a good look?’. Yeah, I concluded it was. Obviously took a photo for my records but unfortunately the colours did not show up very well. Perhaps there was too much green going on for the camera to handle …? Anyway, for my own personal entertainment decided to compile a green in da green room moodboard.

Green in da green room - Garden Room Style
Green in da green room by Garden Room Style.

Green is the base colour of any green space – most vegetation comes in some kind of green hue. Adding “artificial” green colour can perhaps be perceived as a bit OTT. Perhaps that is why it’s not featured that much. As stated above, however, I reckon it can look totally fab – just check out these scenes.

  1. Plants and containers that I came across outside an eating establishment in Madrid a few years ago.
  2. A green garden wall featured on
  3. A raised border adorned with simple, but aesthetically pleasing and befitting green tiles.
  4. A wooden fence painted in an ‘Old English Green’ colour from Cuprinol.
  5. It’s getting cooler out there. How nice it would be to snuggle into this double-sided wool blanket from Gucci.
  6. A trendy garden seater from
  7. I could very much see these green tiles in my own outdoor space. From Zia Tiles.
  8. Another stunning green plant/planter combo. How sexy.

As a note to self, the backdrops in these photos are very often in a neutral colour …