Had to say goodbye…

The other day had to say goodbye to one of my indoor plants. You develop a relationship with your plants over the years. It was therefore with some guilt that I realised there was no longer room for a Dracaena marginata that had been in my possession for eons. Can’t even recall where I got it from. I made the final decision in connection with moving some furniture around, I just couldn’t see how to fit the plant in. It had to go. Design and indoor plants is not such an easy combo as it’s made out to be.

Indoor plants - Garden Room Style

I love indoor plants – they add a real exotic and lush vibe to a space. What would a home be without plants? But different plants, indoors and outdoors, have different requirements. So you change your decor and a certain plant that was there before no longer fits. For example, a plant has perhaps been thriving in a sunny position in your lounge. Relocating that plant to a darkish bedroom is not going to work. Of course there are exceptions, but in general terms that’s how it is. The plant will eventually start to look miserable.

In the case of my Dracaena, I have to be honest, the real reason why I had to let it go was because I no longer fancied the look of it. Rearranging my furniture confirmed a-changing times. I was fairly sure that someone else would appreciate my plant though, it was a healthy and thriving specimen. So I took it to a place where I knew it would find a new home. An example of circular economy I presume?