Inspirational garden designs -w22-2022.

Whoever said that to be happy for an hour you should get drunk but to be happy for a lifetime, plant a garden, missed an opportunity: to get drunk and plant a garden (by Michael Powell, The Accidental Gardener). It’s a festive Thursday in sunny June, let’s bring on some inspirational garden designs -w22-2022.

Inspirational garden designs - w22, 2022 - Garden Room Style
  1. As is commonly known, some Italian Renaissance gardens contain rather bizarre art and sculptures. La Scarzuola is a modern interpretation of these gardens created by architect Tomaso Buzzi. In the mid 20th century he acquired an abandoned convent in the Italian comune of Montegabbione, Terni Province. He promptly set about creating a compound comprising the most amazing surrealist architecture. Check it out online if unable to travel.
  2. These are pretty cool, supersized stepping stones, each measuring 800 mm in diameter, weighing 63kg and made from concrete. They can also be used as steps.
  3. Sway, designed by Nick Rennie for Made By Pen is a lamp with a globular base which teeters back and forth when knocked, and as such delivers an unexpected playful edge. As it’s cordless and re-chargeable it can be used as an outdoor light or for interior settings. It’s driven by easy to use touch-tap technology and includes an LED light.
  4. Mimeo Cascade is a striking, elegant fountain from David Harber, handcrafted from copper and bronze with an aged verdigris finish. Perhaps not for the average garden owner, but a water feature of truly inspirational value.
  5. The Spindel Pot is a lightweight outdoor fiber-cement planter on stand. It was designed in the 1950s by Anton Bee and Willy Guhl in Switzerland. Its modernist and iconic appearance fits hand in glove with much of today’s garden designs.
  6. I like this ‘The Parc’ rocking chair! Made from teak and powder-coated aluminium, it’s designed by the Danish design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. The chair is “bodyfitted” so it follows the shape of the body and gives an extremely high comfort. A modern take on the traditional.