Inspirational garden designs – w27-2022.

Time flies when you are having fun. Another week just breezed past and here we go again with inspirational garden designs – w27-2022.

Inspirational garden designs – w27-2022. - Garden Room Style
  1. This is a highly funky wicker rocking chair from PlanetVineUA. It’s handmade from organic materials. Sold via Etsy.
  2. Who doesn’t like a good time? Slim Aarons seems to have had his fair share of that. After having been a photographer during WWII, he most definitely turned a corner postwar focusing on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places. He should have put attractive bank account in that sentence. In his book A Wonderful Time, many of the photographs are taken in attractive outdoor spaces, which to me means this is an inspirational book.
  3. Who would have thought these fabulous retro/colonial Calypso SO XL lamps are IP65 rated and thus suitable for outdoor purposes? Not me. Design is by SERVOMUTO, which is a lighting design brand and design studio based in Milan. It aims to search for a balance between new trends and values of the past. I would say that in this case it ticks all the trend boxes taking the indoors outside.
  4. This is called ‘The Introvert’s chair’ and is designed by an introvert for other introverts (not said by me). Nifemi Marcus Bello came up with the the design focusing on tackling the problem of creating privacy in public places such as co-working spaces, restaurants, libraries etc. It can naturally be used in other places as well. Such as your own outdoor space.
  5. How’s this for a fabulous indoor green space? Multiples of plants matched by sophisticated furnishings/materials in turquoise and umpteen shades of green? WOW! Napali von Bretz.
  6. Even though there’s still plenty of daylight around, artificial lighting always contribute to ambience. Illuminator Nans S/21 Outdoor light by Joana Bover has recently been launched. It’s portable and battery operated and the screen is made from a handmade fabric.