Inspirational garden designs – w31-2022.

Blimey, time flies when you are having fun. 1st August today, the last of the summer months has just begun (ie in Northern Europe). My Instagram flow is inundated with images of turquoise water destinations. Makes you want to get on a plane right there and then. If that particular mode of transport wasn’t currently so complicated. So instead, here’s all lights on inspirational garden designs – w31-2022.

Inspirational garden designs – w31-2022. - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w31-2022 – GardenRoomStyle.
  1. Very sophisticated colourings going on here. If you can call neutrals that. The white slabs are nothing new, but it’s not often you see brown pebbles like this. White and brown looks very sexy together. Like something you want to eat. I have certain reservations about that dark colour in a hot climate … but still, looks good it does. Image from
  2. What a spectacular scene. Well done to Etro for having found it – in Capri. A dream terrace is made even more so with sumptuous textiles wanting you to spend all day long here. Or as long as you can handle the heat.
  3. I like the title of this book. A key theme of The Art of Outdoor Living is to connect the landscape outside with interior decor. This is a brilliant idea if you ask me, albeit perhaps more practical in certain climate than in others.
  4. I might sound paranoid, but my afar from home excursions this summer have synchronised very well with hot weather (at home). Making me concerned about the health of my plants when I’m away. I’m seriously considering investing in this Gardenia AcquaBloom Set. No tap and no electricity required, which suits me perfectly.
  5. Living walls have been around for quite some time now. I thought moss sounded rather interesting and a little bit novel though. The green colour is majestic and it’s so soft to touch. A great look!
  6. Bicycling is for me a main mode of transport. But they can be a bit of an eyesore to store in your outdoor space. How’s this for a brill idea from Treesaurus– a bike drawer! Sedum roof provides for a discreet look and how easily accessible the bikes are. Make sure you can afford about 2 m to pull the “drawer” out.