Inspirational garden designs – w32-2022.

Here’s inspirational garden designs – w32-2022! Another week has already gone by and the fine garden design moments keep on coming. From sculpture to food trolleys to psychedelic outdoor illumination – there are some amazingly creative and crafty people out there. Just check out these examples.

Inspirational garden designs – w32-2022.- Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w32-2022.
  1. These food trolleys from Fornasetti are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their stainless steel structure. Very cleverly they have been designed to accommodate the shape of Fornasetti trays, enabling a number of different styling options.
  2. One example of an outdoor gallery that I’ve read about recently is The Stellenbosch garden of South African artist Dylan Lewis. His creations are strong and powerful, inspired by African wildlife as well as mythological figures. They are also on the huge side. Luckily the surrounding majestic landscape has no problem at all providing the right backdrop. The WOW-factor is high.
  3. What is that, you might wonder. I did before I read that it was an outdoor light. It’s called Halo Giga, designed by Mandalaki. It can be used as a floor lamp, or fitted in the ceiling. Some astonishing effects can be achieved. I’m thinking a brilliant feature at a night time party.
  4. Poles by Allison Armour is a garden sculpture 10 foot (3m) long stainless steel cylinders (1.5 inches/4cm diameter) suspended on a steel wire. They are designed to rotate endlessly and effortlessly. The constant movement is captivating. A silent swirling presence.
  5. Can you see what this chair resembles? That’s right – a paper clip! It’s entitled ‘She’ and designed for outdoor purposes by Hans Endendijk. Pretty funky design I reckon, and who would have thought that a paper clip could be so inspirational?
  6. Wallpaper, nothing can beat it for instant effect. How easily it can transform a room from one ambience to another. Floral motifs are popular, blue and yellow are trending colours. This is custom-made high end design by Adam Ellis.