Inspirational garden designs – w33-2022.

Blimey. Was out and about on an excursion on my one and only scooter today. The day was so fine and hot, a perfect day for a ride. About half an hour after I got home it started to rain cats and dogs. Add to that thunder and lightning. How lucky wasn’t I? Perhaps better to be safe rather than sorry and contemplate inspirational garden designs – w33-2022 indoors?

Inspirational garden designs – w33-2022. - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w33-2022.
  1. I find these light-weight, transparent, trendily ropey CRICKET flower pots from Varaschin rather funky. The handmade weave (using man-made fibre) has a vertical, elongating and elegant appeal which will enhance any outdoor/indoor green space.
  2. Utilities with a double function – how great isn’t that? The primary purpose of this corten steel FireCylinder outdoor fireplace from Eva Solo is to provide heat. But add a grill grid and you’ve got yourself a BBQ as well. Fab!
  3. These masks from South African Sculptor Anton Smit are really sensational. I’ve seen them featured in various publications and they look equally great like this, displayed as solitaires, or in a garden setting surrounded by greenery. The scale provides a thrill.
  4. Learnt about a new plant today – Dichondra repens. Sadly it will not work where I am, native to Australia and New Zealand as it is. But I still find it inspirational as ground cover material
  5. Came across this image from Australian firm Eckersley Garden Architecture. Their use of Parthenocissus in combination with pergola/wire structures (and in general) to create a green jungle like vibe is brilliant. Great idea. Just keep in mind that this plant is deciduous – leaves will eventually come down.
  6. Slate – surely this must be one of the most classy hard landscaping materials? Great in dry weather, even more so in wet.