Inspirational garden designs – w34-2022.

Must be something in the air cause currently I seem to hone in on colour as a garden design feature. Inspirational garden designs – w34-2022 take a closer look at cobolt blue decor, in addition to a 10-sided glasshouse and an example of using mirror effects in the garden to mention some fabulous creativity.

Inspirational garden designs – w34-2022. - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w34-2022 – GardenRoomStyle
  1. I’m a big fan of gabion walls. They are decorative, practical and a statement ingredient in a garden design scheme. If you want them even more spectacular fill them with glass rocks and add illumination. The result might look like something in this example. Cobolt blue is bold!
  2. To continue on the cobolt theme, why not add a spacey-shaped chair or four? They don’t come cheap but the impression will be nothing less than WOW. The armchair forms part of the Club 111 series by Max Jungblut is made from polyethylene and has colour protective UV stabilizer and is fully weather resistant all year round.
  3. As drought is currently a hot subject, gravel gardens are often featured in various garden magazines/media. This is a garden attached to a house created by Roger Kurath. It fits the minimalistic style of the building like hand in glove. Having said that, in my opinion this is more gravel than garden. Perhaps that is just what the client was after, however ….
  4. Rain chains – aren’t they just so cool? This one comprising polished rocks wrapped in wire is rather different, yet stylish.
  5. And on the subject of different – how about this pyramidal 10-sided glasshouse? Inspired by Victorian terrariums it opens out like a crown to reveal a variety of subtropical trees and shrubs. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick Studio for the National Trust.
  6. Mirrors in the garden are highly useful as they can add abstract dimensions. Here reflected greenery cleverly shrouds a mirrored extension in Madrid.