Inspirational garden designs – w35-2022.

Let me introduce inspirational garden designs – w35-2022. This week I take a closer look at outdoor tiles with a distinct 1970s vibe, a labyrinth garden and a mini-golf course with WOW-factor. Amongst other fab designs.

Inspirational garden designs – w35-2022. - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w35-2022 – GardenRoomStyle
  1. Why do I think these outdoor tiles from have a 1970s vibe? Well to me the orange hues and circular pattern can’t hardly point in any other direction. Cleverly though, it’s possible to install these in different directions to create other patterns you like.
  2. This is a view of a design partnership between Desalto and Elle Decor Italia celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Salone del Mobile in Milan @ Palazzo Bovara. Just love the look of that cluster of Cycas circinalis in large planters.
  3. This labyrinth garden is a modern take on the maze situated in the midst of the Cortile del Settecento – Università degli Studi di Milano. The walls of the track are made using Sipario partitions in 100% regenerated and recyclable plastic, equipped with pots and plants. Climb to the top of the tower and you will see the way out.
  4. The world right now is a messy place. According to the news that is. Perhaps the view is better from the window on top of this ladder? ‘Viewing The World’ by Leandro Erlich is displayed at the Villa San Michele, Belmond Hotel, Florence, Italy until 7 November, 2022.
  5. I’ve been blathering about how cool I think gabion structures are a number of times before. A gabion lounger is a tad different. Great look but perhaps a cushion is required ….
  6. Mini-golf is great fun. Have played it a number of times, never on a cheerful course like this one though. The 9-hole mini-gold course can (could?) be found in London’s Canary Wharf. Design Craig&Karl – fabrication by The White Wall Company.