Inspirational garden designs – w36-2022

Inspirational garden designs – w36-2022 jumps from an amazing bridge in Vietnam to fashionable purple to a vintage vase to be found in my very own home. Garden designs move in mysterious ways.

Inspirational garden designs – w36-2022 - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w36-2022
  1. What a laugh. Having just repotted some hanging baskets I came across this wallpaper. How coincidental wasn’t that? The design is hand-drawn and wonderfully realistic. From flourishing ferns to elegant trails planted in textured macrame baskets and decorative ceramic pots, its conversational, colourful and inspired. No need to water! From
  2. What a bridge! The green landscape is stunning, but the bridge is not far off. The pair of giant hands lifting the ribbon-like Golden Bridge up in the air can be found in Thien Thai garden in Ba Na Hills in Vietnam. This is truly inspiring.
  3. 100 shades of purple is currently trending in interior design. Does purple work in the garden too (aside from plant colour)? Judging from this pic it sure does. The Horsetail reeds against the deep purple wall rocks!
  4. The multistem bronze trunk of the Prunus Serrula looks great in both summer and winter. Also comes a single stem tree but with a multistem plant you get more of this beauty.
  5. I’ve been visiting second hand shops since a young age. You never know what you can find. Last Saturday was one of those days – lucky me this red, probably late 1960s/early 1970s vase came my way and I could not resist. Here filled with sunflowers.
  6. How sleek aren’t these sun loungers from Swedish brand Skaarsgard? Made from teak and designed to maximise the joy of scarce summer days. I like this company’s design outlook.