Inspirational garden designs – w39/2022

From garden surrealism to a 3D printed sunshade to glamorous trellises, inspirational garden designs – w39/2022 continues to highlight cool green space vibes.

Inspirational garden designs – w39/2022 - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w39/2022 – Garden Room Style
  1. Joe Mortell, a 3D artist, created a series of images and animations as a personal project over the past (pandemic) year, forming social environments that feel familiar, yet otherworldly. Not to mention spaces you want to be in – certainly this one!
  2. These enormous and glamorous trellises can be found in the Grand Jardin at the Ritz in Paris. The hotel was closed for four years whilst vast refurbishment took place costing €400 million. I would expect nothing short of spectacular for that amount. It reopened in 2016.
  3. The Gradient Sunshade system from Aectual aims to filter sunlight, enhance atmosphere and provide privacy. It’s made from 100% recycled waste plastic via 3D printing and is as thus waste free. Easily tailored to any project.
  4. Sleek architecture and garden seen in Palm Springs (USA) by Studio AR&D. Keeping the garden simple with sparse vegetation, a pool lined with black granite so that it functions like a mirror, terrazzo paving, art and a cabana is housing outdoor living facilities.
  5. Nans lighting from Bover. With Nans Bover wanted to highlight the craftsmanship of the lampshades and to look for a different way of weaving by combining different colours and formats to create a true Mediterranean style.
  6. In my view this Coso Coffee Table by Gloster has a real cool 1970s air about it. A quality product made comprising an iron colour glazed ceramic base and natural finish teak table top.