Inspirational garden designs – w41/2022

If you’re into fashion you might have noticed that a trending colour for the A/W 2022 season is pink. I like pink, it’s a happy colour. Therefore decided to make it the theme for the inspirational garden designs – w41/2022 moodboard

Inspirational garden designs - w41/2022
Inspirational garden designs – w41/2022 – GardenRoomStyle.
  1. These faux style rattan chairs have been à la mode for a few years now. Having of course had their origins in the 1950s. They have a light breezy air about them and come in a multitude of colours. Pink is here, however, where it’s at. From
  2. What’s not to like about this ‘Fuschia Balmoral Herringbone’ wool throw? From Trouva, woven in Ireland, but does not actually say if the wool comes from there …
  3. Pink is trending now, but is it too late in the year to acquire this pop-up gazebo? Will it last into next year’s outdoor season? I reckon it will, is there a more fun colour no matter what the trend? From
  4. Yeah, industrial pink at work! This bench has a metal structure and a solid wood seat. May also work as a table. Funky look, but further investigation doesn’t reveal if it’s suitable outdoors … From
  5. More seating. This time a Adirondack-style one for the kiddies. From Walmart.
  6. Obviously plants have to fit into the pink scheme of things. I fell in love with bougainvillea the first time I saw it. If you like me, live in a place where it dislikes the outdoors, take another pick. Roses and dahlias come to mind …