Inspirational garden designs – w42/2022

All over the place. Is one way of viewing the content of the inspirational garden designs – w42/2022 moodboard. Or how about an “ultra-modern” pod, a pink grass (!), an forgotten garden or sexy taupe tiling? Let’s explore further …

Inspirational garden designs - w42/2022
Inspirational garden designs – w42/2022 – GardenRoomStyle
  1. A few years ago my companion and I toured Paris on Vélib’ bikes. One destination was Bois de Vincennes. I had vastly underestimated the size of this park – it’s truly huge. Which might explain, in combination with sheer ignorance, why I missed out on exploring the Human Zoo, aka as the Le jardin d’agronomie tropicale René Dumont. This sounds like such a fascinating garden, must make sure to visit next time.
  2. Every time I see the colourful architecture of Luis Barragán, I’m sucked in. The simplicity in combination with bold use of colour is very striking. And I ponder, are plants required near a building like this? Or is the colour of the building enough? Like MORE than enough? Nah, I reckon greenery would look good here, make it lime!
  3. As you might understand I like colour. And when I came across this pink Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris), I smiled. What a beautiful plant! Seems to be easy maintenance too.
  4. More colourful stuff here, this time a little more subdued taupe. I’m a big fan of brown flooring, inside and out. I find it stylish and it has a sexy 1970s vibe about it. These porcelain tiles form part of the Geology collection from FINCIBEC.
  5. Here’s more tiling in a parquet style from Serenissima, love how it extends outside. But what really grabbed my attention in this shot was the wallpaper. Or more specifically the fab idea of putting a jungle like motif on a wall with doors/windows facing a very similar view outside. Flow!
  6. The final item to be introduced this week is the Art.Rainbow Solar Powered Prefab Party Pavilion. It was launched about 12 years ago, but hey, better to discover it now than never. Solar power is more relevant than ever and I can see myself having fun in this space.