Inspirational garden designs – w44/2022

Daylight saving is here. It’s time to consider green spaces from a darkish and coldish perspective. I’ve therefore included garden indoor vibes and outdoor illumination in the inspirational garden designs – w44/2022 moodboard. Add to that garden art and garden as art as well as sleek seating and we’re all set.

Inspirational garden designs - w44/2022 - Garden Room Style

Inspirational garden designs – w44/2022 – Garden Room Style

  1. Am a huge fan of lean-tos. The more glass the better, leaving lots of transparency for the facade of the house to show through. This kind of structure can create an almost seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. Fill with plants that thrive in this environment and you will have a green house all year round. Don’t forget to shade. Here a lean-to from Best Glaze.
  2. The dark evenings now arrive early, sometimes making them feel endless. It’s now garden lighting comes into its full glory. Some sensational results can be achieved adding exciting depth and dimension beyond mere practical illumination. Learn from the experts, such as John Cullen which has great inspirational content on their website.
  3. It might be dark now but outdoor fun will return. And even on a fine winter’s day it’s possible to enjoy at least a short time outside. Rather liked the contemporary and edgy look of this seating/table combo. Forms part of the Extremis collection from Where they are, as we speak, heading into summer …
  4. I’ve recently taken an interest in conceptual gardens as I find them thought-provoking and different. Here is a scene from the Artist’s garden in London in summer 2022. An interesting text from a pro on the subject of Conceptual Design in Private Gardens can be found here.
  5. A black palm made from exploded tyres and steel is currently featured in the Chelsea Barrack’s Sculpture trail. Very creative, funky and recycled. Design Douglas White.
  6. Art Nouveau, what is not to like about this architectural style? Sinuous curves of plants and flowers was everywhere. Here is an Antwerp home with a typical stained glass valve. WOW!