Is the high density tree look trending?

Is the high density tree look trending? I’m not actually sure to tell you the truth. What I do know is that I like the look. Or to be more specific, I like the look when there are birch trees involved. Here I’m standing in the midst of such trees that have positioned themselves in close proximity to each other. It looks OK, like nature intended. But perhaps it’s not what you would call sophisticated planting …

Are high density trees trending? Garden Room Style

Better then to check out the glorious vision below. There’s nothing unintentional going on here. The white trunks of the birch trees so close together with a crown of healthy lush green leaves perfectly match the colour scheme of the paths and lawns. Only two colours and a simple curved layout, yet the impact is super stylish. Definitely one reason to visit the Sheridan Park, Augsburg, Germany.

Sheridan Park, Augsburg, Germany - high density birch planting - Garden Room Style
Sheridan Park, Augsburg, Germany

What does the experts say about how to achieve this look? Birch trees are beautiful in summer, but their white trunks stand out even more in winter. They become like beacons of light in the general darkness of things. A great reason to plant more of them together. If you’re interested in doing so, the Royal Horticultural Society recommends planting “several species (or just one!) closely at a spacing of 90cm (3ft). This will result in trees with narrower canopies and conspicuous bark whilst competition at the roots for water and nutrients will restrict the rate of growth and overall height”. What’s stopping you?