L’Umbracle in Valencia is quite something

So I finally found myself in a green space I’ve only seen in pictures before. L’Umbracle in Valencia is quite something. An outdoor space feeling like an indoor one. Primarily due to the arches reaching for the stars 18 meters above ground. They provide a sense of enclosure, yet there are no glass or similar sheltering from the elements. The 55 fixed arches and 54 flying arches, all metal, are supposed to resemble a trellis and is the work of architect Santiago Calatrava Valls.

L’Umbracle in Valencia is quite something
Arches covering the L’Umbracle garden in Valencia.

L’Umbracle forms part of the City of Arts & Sciences. The entire complex has a super-futuristic vibe out. It just has to be seen, I found it spectacular to say the least. There’s only one colour going on and it’s white, which is a perfect backdrop to the vegetation. With time the idea is that the entire structure (trellis) will be covered in climbers (Honeysuckle and Bougainvillia). In all the garden comprise 50 species of plants native to the Valencian Community. That includes 99 palm trees, 78 small palms and 62 bitter orange trees, just to mention some. Hard landscaping is made from concrete and teak. There are several sculptures on display strolling down the Paseo del Arte.

L’Umbracle in Valencia is quite something
Climbers climbing the “trellises”.

I visted L’Umbracle during a sunny AM when this place showed itself from its “ordinary” green space side. If I would have come at night the scene would have been a different one. Then this very place is promoted as one of the best night clubs (lounge-style disco) in Valencia, Having said that, reading some reviews not everyone seems to agree …

Name spelt out - Garden Room Style
Name spelt out.