Monday Moodboard – w20-2022.

Spring is moving fast in my part of the world. The cherry tree, Prunus avium, just outside my window got the flowers out. Less than two weeks later the petals are falling to the ground like snow flakes. Other blooms and plants are gaining ground fast, how fast can you reach green overload? The competition is on and so is the Monday Moodboard – w20-2022.

Inspirational garden designs - w 20/2022.
  1. Don’t have an outdoor green space? Not even a single millimeter left over for an indoor plant? No worries at all. Let flower power wallpaper come to your rescue. Make sure to maximise the print as much as possible. And don’t just do the walls, be daring and cover the ceiling as well. Don’t forget similar window film! Then you will find yourself in a garden paradise like this one show here – “Les Jardins Imaginaires” created by Simone Guidarelli.
  2. Not so long ago I was on about recycling them plastics. That is what Élitis has done with this outdoor rug entitled “Disco“. It’s 88% made from PET (of which 75% originates from post-consumer plastic bottles) and 12% Polyester. It has a latex backing and the final workmanship of this rug is almost entirely done by hand.
  3. This fabric forms part of the Autour Du Monde Collection, which is a collaboration inspired by the Indies and Madagascar between LELIEVRE and Jean Paul Gaultier. I’m not sure if these hanging tents/daybeds are actually for sale or just for show. To highlight that this fabric is made for the outdoor, being super resistant but lightweight at the same time. Regardless, I could very much see these creations in a green space near me.
  4. A garden swing. Say no more. Aren’t they just so much fun? And to prove that they are not only for the kids, make them superstylish. I could easily spend some time in this “Lisa swingdesigned by Marcello Ziliani.
  5. Outdoor illumination is my weakness. These linear LED lights “LEDA” by Kamran Italia are rather fantastic, not least because of their versatility. This is just one example of how you can use them to light design your outdoor space. There are several others, let your imagination rule.

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