Murano glass in da garden.

Been reading about Murano glass over here and Venice over there recently. As I’m also a big fan of using glass in the garden, I thought it appropriate to show some examples of Murano glass fabulously decorating green spaces. Inside and out. I find that the transparency of glass as well as the colours that can be achieved can only be of benefit in the general outlook.

Murano glass in the garden - GardenRoomStyle
Murano glass sculpture/lighting feature Dale Chihuly style - GardenRoomStyle

The gorgeous creation in yellow, red, green and other colours above formed into multiples of pigtail shape is a sculpture by day. A sculpture-slash-lighting feature at night. Custom made 100% hand blown contemporary glass light sculpture in a Dale Chihuly style. From

Les Belles Danses - GardenRoomStyle

Versaille. Doesn’t the surrounding grounds represent the pinnacle of superior garden design? Making an impression you’ll never forget. The scale and sophistication is just so something. An original feature was the Water Theatre Grove. That was completely wrecked by storms in the 1990s. Last year saw a re-launch. This water sculpture is entitled ‘Les Belles Danses’ and is the first modern addition to the Versaille landscape since the French Revolution. The 2,000 Murano-glass globes filled with gold leaf don’t only look fabulous, they move too. Design Jean-Michel OTHONIEL. Must have been a real honour to carry out this project.

Floral garden vase in Murano glass - GardenRoomStyle

Have come across a lot of white and blue decor recently. Is there a revival going on (being a very classical colour combo)? What do I know, but it certainly has a very fresh appearance. Seen here is a vase entitled ‘Floral garden’ – from Original Murano Glass.

RETE EP 357 Murano glass garden lamp post By Siru - GardenRoomStyle

A path lined with RETE EP 357 Murano glass garden lamp posts. Not your average path for sure. Taking a stroll here would feel special. Design by Siru.