OK to like these breeze blocks?

Oh, no! Not that photo again! Yes, actually. This time used in connection with contemplating decorative breeze blocks. Like the ones seen in this pic. Where I grew up, read the west coast of Sweden, I never saw them. When I first did, somewhere overseas, can’t recall exactly where, I liked them. Then I thought “are these like current?”, or “historical remnants?”. Wherever I came across them, properties were, well, a bit dated. Thought that a person like me being into retro, I was thinking “wrong”. Was it OK to like these breeze blocks? When young you can be so uncertain about important matters.

Hardscaping in Alicante - Garden Room Style

Now I’m old and bold enough to say, YES, I do like these breeze blocks. The ones seen here can be found in Alicante, Spain. But it seems the origins are in the US. They were hugely popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Mid century breeze blocks - GardenRoomStyle

Breeze block retro pics seen @ Click Americana.

The lacy, grill-style concrete blocks were used both inside and outside of the house. In both spaces offering privacy, yet at the same time letting in light and also a providing glimpses of action on the other side. It suited the mid-century architectural values to a T. Now it seems they are back with a vengeance and the retro versions are flying off the shelves. Gee, what a relief I wasn’t “wrong”.

The Breeze Block House - Atomic Ranch - GardenRoomSTyle

The Breeze Block House – Atomic Ranch

The various patterns of breeze blocks - GardenRoomStyle

Various patterns of breeze blocks – Atomic Ranch