OMG how exciting – a shrub …

OMG how exciting – a shrub on a seen-better-days quayside! Well, yes, actually. At least for a person into garden design. Not that this is a garden but my intention is to use this Rosa rugosa plant as an example of the importance of right plant in the right place.

OMG how exciting – a shrub … Garden Room Style
Rosa rugosa adorning a quayside.

What does right plant in the right place mean? In essence it’s about situating a plant where it thrives with minimal interference. This spot has the right soil, sun, wind, temperature and precipitation conditions that the plant requires.

A rosa rugosa in an exposed location - Garden Room Style

The Rosa rugosa plant seen in these photos have chosen this spot all by itself (by seed). It grows out from a smallish hole into this round, large, dense attractive formation year in and year out without any help at all. I know that cause I’ve seen it first hand. This is a highly exposed location with salty water nearby, strong winds, icy winters and soil that can probably be improved a great deal. But just look at it – it thrives against all odds.

The right plant in the right place is not only good for the plant per se. It’s also good for the owners. It means less time spent on chores such as watering and soil improvements and more time to sit back and relax. So take some time to figure out what works for various locations in your green space. It will be worth it.