Outstanding landscape design

A few years back read an article about the installation of this mosaic art work in Mölndal, Sweden. Time flies, but today I was in the neighbourhood and took the opportunity to check it out. I was not disappointed. Designer Torsten Jurell has really come up with an outstanding landscape design.

Outstanding landscape design - Garden Room Style
Mosaic art designed by Torsten Jurell

This landscape art has historic connotations. As several other countries, Sweden used to have an East India Company, trading with the Far East. China had porcelain, so coveted by Europeans. The porcelain shipped to Sweden came from the Jingdezhen area. To stay grounded in history this is the very precise region where designer Torsten Jurell has created this masterpiece. I presume the porcelain is from there as well.

Outstanding landscape design - Garden Room Style
A closer look at the outstanding mosaic.

The motif shows the figures of the goddess Inanna being saved from disaster by her vizier Ninshubur. Suitably the square where the mosaic is located is called Free Fantasy. It was commissioned by a property developing company with an ambition to use art as a way to decorate the public space in this area.

Stools with a touch of mosaic - Garden Room Style
Stools with a touch of mosaic

The mosaic pieces were all put together in situ by Daniel Brandt, which I presume saved transporting the entire work to the other side of the word. I did not measure the diameter of the circle but as can be seen, it’s rather large. What I find a bit odd is how the work does not have a specific name, most art installations do. It would have made it easier to refer to if nothing else.