Plant of the week – Dasiphora fruticosa.

Plant of the weekDasiphora fruticosa, might be better known to you as Potentilla fruticosa. For some reason and at some point, unknown to me, it was decided that the latter should herefromnow be known as the former. I’ve never actually been all that fond of this plant. Where I come from it’s a bit, well, too common. I remember its ubiquitous presence from decades and decades ago, it was all the rage in the 1970s. In the last couple of years though I’ve come to appreciate the extended blooming time of this shrub. The blooms just keep on coming – in volumes – from June to about October. At least. It’s also very hardy and easy maintenance. What more could you want from a plant?

Plant of the week – Dasiphora fruticosa. - Garden Room Style
Such wonderful intense yellow colour looking fab against a blueish sky.

This plant is native to the northern hemisphere and can be found in cool temperate and arctic regions. It’s a not a plant that fancies the climate of southern Europe. Average height is about 1m. Colours range from white, to a range of yellows and orange. Orange hues can with time fade into a salmon pink shade.

Plant of the week – Dasiphora fruticosa. - Garden Room Style
Wow – what a stunning colour combo!

When planting ensure to put it in well-drained soil in a sunny to part shade location. It’s tolerant of salt, wind and drought and virtually pest resistant. To fit it into your garden design scheme, think rockery gardens, flowerbeds, hedges and containers. As you can see, this plant is as practical as it comes. My only reservation is that I’m not all that keen on its winter look. But does it matter considering all the other benefits? Don’t think so.