Plant of the week – Hedera helix ‘Arborescens’

I was most pleased to come across plant of the weekHedera helix ‘Arborescens’ when out and about the other day. Been thinking to myself for some time why this stylish plant is not seen more often. It has several good qualities, of which number one, in my opinion, is that it’s evergreen. In addition it has glossy green foliage and a nice rounded form.

Plant of the week - Hedera helis 'Arborescens' - Garden Room Style
Plant of the week – Hedera helis ‘Arborescens’

The tree ivy as it’s also known is a non-climbing form of ivy. When fully grown it reaches a height about 1-2 m. As can be seen from the pics it’s currently blooming, mid-October and all. While the flowers might not be outstanding to us humans, the pollinators were all over them. Later blue/black berries will follow lasting into the winter, so plenty of interest for a prolonged period.

Blooms of the Hedera helix 'Arborescens'. - Garden Room Style

This is a highly versatile plant not minding sun, partial shade nor full shade. It likes well-drained to moist well-drained soil and can handle windy locations. It requires no regular pruning – low-maintenance in other words. From a garden design perspective it can be used for a number of purposes. The ones I’ve taken photos of here were standing as solitaires surrounded by Waldsteinia ternata in a wall side border. They suit cottage and informal gardens as well as those with a more contemporary/architectural flair.

Nice rounded form

I mentioned that this a non-climbing ivy. Having said that, I think it’s necessary to keep an eye on this beauty. Cause I reckon that climbing could be something that is part of the genetics. Just look at the picture below, offshoots have started wandering up the wall. Which is not what you want. Of the five shrubs that I saw, however, this was the only one behaving is such unruly manner. Don’t let it deter you.

Climbing up a wall - Garden Room Style