Public art @ Canary Wharf

During my last trip to London, in sweltering heat, I visited Canary Wharf. What a fabulous place this is, not least because of the scale. Supersized architecture perfectly matched by grand waterways. In the midst of it all there is also fine public art on display. In fact, Public Art @ Canary Wharf is the largest collection of public art in London comprising more than 100 pieces. There’s a trail to explore, which is a great idea. You get to see suggestive art whilst also taking in the majestic surroundings.

Public art @ Canary Wharf - Garden Room Style
Bronze sculpture ‘Metamorphosis’ by Helaine Blumenfeld.

The bronze sculpture seen in the pic above is created by Helaine Blumenfeld and entitled ‘Metamorphosis’. Here many elements are contained in a single unit co-existing in a “dynamic balance which seems on the verge of giving way to chaos if the parts should separate. The spaces between the forms suggest change and movement, and ultimately, the potential for growth and continuous evolution.” The message put forward by the artist is of hope and comfort as well as the idea that through unity and transformation “we can rise up together”.

Minotaur and Hare on Bench, bronze by Sophie Ryder. - Garden Room Style
Minotaur and Hare on Bench, bronze by Sophie Ryder.

A little less serious example is the Minotaur and Hare on Bench, a bronze sculpture created by Sophie Ryder. Here the idea is, as I understand it, to contrast the feminine Lady-Hare with the masculine Minotaur of Greek Mythology.

These are only a few examples of the pieces on show created by highly-respected artists. I would certainly recommend a visit fully armed with this informative folder.