Rocking the tree trunk style

Rocking the tree trunk style - Garden Room Style

We have all seen them. At least I presume so. Old tree trunks made into seating, a table, a potplant stand or similar. This way of manufacturing furnishing utilities must be as old as mankind. In the modern world the style comes and goes. My research suggest that it was at a peak about ten years ago. Is rocking the tree trunk style back with a vengeance? I would say that Andy Sturgeon featuring it at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is a certain indicator. The look is cool and the recycling and upcycling aspects fits with sustainability ambitions. Here are some designs that I like.

Tree trunk benches Andy Sturgeon style - GArden Room Style
Benches for Andy Sturgeon.
  1. Let’s start with the trendsetting – these are the benches that were featured at Andy Sturgeon’s Mind Garden @ the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show Garden They were made by the sculptor Johnny Woodford who worked with windblown oak to create organic shapes that were further carved for texture and then preserved through charring using the Japanese art of shou sugi ban.

Triple Burnt Teak Side Tables from Andrianna Shamaris- Garden Room Style
Andrianna Shamaris

2. And on the subject of charred furniture. It hardly comes more burnt than these reclaimed organic Triple Burnt Teak Side Tables from Andrianna Shamaris.

Homage to Elm tree - Garden Room Style
Homage to Elm tree by Lies-Marie Hoffmann

3. Well, how’s this for tree trunk style? Fairly mighty if you ask me. Seating created from Elm trees by designer Lies-Marie Hoffmann as part of project entitle “Homage to the Elm trees“. Back in 2013 it investigated how sculptural sustainable designs can influence environmental awareness and the public’s appreciation of nature. How so very much the spirit right here, right now.

Rustic furniture from Ben Harman - Garden Room Style
Rustic furniture from Ben Harman

4. There’s not much topping this rustic table over from Ben Harman Tree Surgery. Great creative idea making stuff from trees they have felled.

Sleepers around a fire pit - Garden Room Style
Sleeper style. Photo from

5. Sleepers, so many things you can use them for. And recycle them for too. Here surrounding a trendy fire pit.

Railway Sleepers Outdoor Armchair by Piet Hein Eek - Garden Room Style
Railway Sleepers Outdoor Armchair by Piet Hein Eek

6. And for the road, another example of what can be achieved using nothing but sleepers – again charred. Credit to Piet Hein Eek.

I’d also like to recommend checking out for further ideas.