Roman town of Turris Libisonis & more.

Porto Torres in the northern parts of Sardinia to me comes across like a dichotomy. As you arrive by bus you ride through a massive industrial estate that has seen far better days. Actually, most of it is derelict and no longer in use. It’s an eyesore to say the least. The architecture of the town is nothing to boast about, most of it comprising housing built in the 1960s and later. On the other hand, Porto Torres is also home to remains of the Roman town of Turris Libisonis, it has a bridge which is still in working order built by the Romans 2,000 years ago. It also proudly flaunts the Torre Aragonese, built in 1325 by Aragonese Admiral, Francisco Carroz. Additionally there is the Basilica di San Gavino constructed in the 11th century.

Roman town of Turris Libisonis & more. - Garden Room Style
Floor pattern seen @ Roman town of Turris Libisonis.
Once upon a time a Roman shopping arcade - Garden Room Style
Shopping arcade Roman town of Turris Libisonis

The main aim of this blog is to post about design and green spaces. Well, an urbane it used to be, but Turris Libisonis is now fenced off and located in a park (Parco archeologico) next to the Museo archeologico. A more historical green space is hard to come by.

2000 year old bridge in Porto Torres, Sardinia - Garden Room Style
2000 year old bridge – Ponte Romano

Right next door to the park is the Ponte Romano, also built by the Romans. Me and my companion made ourselves back and forth over the bridge (it’s free to use and not part of the abovementioned park). Myself being so preoccupied by how to get a good pic of the bridge that I fell over and grazed my knee, but never mind. I got there in the end.

Church Porto Torres, Sardinia - Garden Room Style
Outside the Basilica di San Gavino – Porto Torres

The Basilica is located near the city centre (off the main street). This is Sardinia’s largest, oldest and one of the most important Roman Christian monuments. Which points to the historical significance of Porto Torres. Torro Aragonese is located near the port. The art seen in the collage below can be found here and there :-).

Public art in Porto Torres, Sardinia, Garden Room Style
Collage of public art seen around Porto Torres as well as the Torre Aragonese.