Summary of the garden situation – Alghero.

My stay in Alghero, Sardinia is coming to an end. For a couple of days at least. So time for a short summary of the garden situation in this ancient town, with its impressive fortification dating back to the early 12th century. It’s understandable that a town with a history of maritime significance has never had gardens high up on the agenda. But I found a few little gems, not all of which would be listed in a garden directory, but still, gardens they are.

A derelict villa @ La Muralla Bastioni F. Magellano
This villa appears to comprise a couple of flats, but if anyone actually lives in there I’m not sure. The garden looks in need of some major TLC, or perhaps not? Plants are thriving and form a jungle of different coloured bougainvilleas, oleander, hortensia and other greenery. OTT to me has a real appeal. A few weeks ago I was on about matching house and garden plant colour. Here the theme seems to be 50 shades of pink.

A fine villa in Alghero - Garden Room Style
OTT plant appeal.
A derelict villa @ La Muralla Bastioni F. Magellano - Summary of the garden situation @Alghero -  GardenRoomStyle
50 shades of pink

Garden of the Museo del Corallo di Alghero
Out and about exploring the town I stumbled across the arty garden next to the Museo del Corallo. Here conventional greenery and a majestic bougainvillea meets faux art installations which I understand symbolises seabed vegetation. Cool, creative and somewhat unexpected.

Garden of the Museo del Corallo di Alghero - Garden Room Style
Garden of the Museo del Corallo di Alghero

Giardini La Lepanto Cecchini
If you arrive by bus from the airport into central Alghero you will land right next to two public gardens. Of the two I favoured this one. Nothing remarkable but provide a stylish framework for a walk from the seafront up to the historical city centre.

Giardini La Lepanto Cecchini - Garden Room Style
Giardini La Lepanto Cecchini

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