The vibe of a vintage vase

The time of the year when you can create pretty flower arrangements from local blooms is gone. At least where I live. But it’s still possible to create a bouquet. Just not that blossoming. There are grasses, reed, dry hydrangeas and other fresh bloom replacements. Just throw conventional out of the window and look around and see what draws your attention. And then make an arrangement. Add to that the vibe of a vintage vase.

The vibe of vintage vases - Garden Room Style

The vibe of vintage vasesgreen and blue glass vases from Ruda Glasbruk (Sweden), late 1960s style.

For as long as I can remember I’ve liked vintage ceramic vases. Preferably large ones. Recently, however, I’ve been drawn more to glass, coloured glass. Still vintage. They look stunning on a window sill, with the light filtrating through enhancing and maximising the colour. My grandmother had a number of blue vases displayed that way. With or without blooms. I try to be bit different, but I can’t deny blue does has a certain appeal.

Vintage red glass vase - Garden Room Style

Vintage red glass vase

Red is another favourite, as is smoked (brown) coloured glass. It’s easy to get carried away when rummaging through vintage shops. Or checking out online auction houses websites. Sometimes that is allowed. I reckon.

Vintage brown coloured vases - Garden Room Style

Vintage brown coloured glass vases