There’s nothing that colour can’t fix.

I’m not sure about you but I feel the world post-pandemic has become a bit dull. Despite restrictions being removed it’s like life as we knew it is struggling to return. When out and about at night, there’s a doldrum ambience that wasn’t there before. Or perhaps there is and it’s just me that has changed? Anyway, there’s nothing that colour can’t fix, just put it in the mix. Why worry about conventions? Just bring them shades, hues and nuances on. I currently feel very inspired by the approach of interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his advocacy for maximalism. Forget about less is more and keep it simple, in the garden the only way to go is more.

A 1980s garden - Garden Room Style
A garden featuring in a 1980s edition of Garden Answers Magazine

Back in February I think it was, I posted about a bright and cheerful garden featuring in the 40th anniversary edition of Garden Answers Magazine. Thinking to myself, they don’t quite look like that now. Only six months later contemplating that perhaps this is what a garden should look like. It has style but is not stylish strictly speaking and the multiples of colours put a smile on the face. Garden Answers appears to agree, just look at the pic below – an echo of the colours in the photo above, and published in the July 2022 edition.

Blooms in full colour - GardenRoomStyle
Colour and more colour in Garden Answers July 2022

So I mentioned colours in both interior and garden design. Why leave out fashion? How about these frocks for colour inspiration?

Women's Swing Dress in rainbow colour by Lightinthebox and Rainbow wedding dress seen in - GardenRoomStyle
To the left, a breezy summer dress in rainbow colours from Lightinthebox. To the left – a wedding dress for the daring featuring in Woman’s world.