Yesterday learnt about Cármenes

I’m currently in Granada, Spain on holiday. Yesterday learnt about Cármenes, which is a local type of house with a garden attached. They are usually found on the hillside areas of the city. Some are open to the public, most are private. Their history can be traced to the end of the 14th century when the Moors still ruled the city. Cármenes are enclosed spaces and function as both a garden and an orchard. As I understand it, they came about by wealthy people buying three of four neighbouring properties, retaining one abode and making the rest into into green space.

Carmenes de los Mártirez - GardenRoomStyle

Carmen de los Mártires is free to visit and sits just right next door to Alhambra. It’s a bit of an effort covering both these spaces in one day. Having said that, it will save you two climbs up a rather steep incline … It is the largest Cármenes in the city and contains an orchard, Moor inspired gardens as well as French, Spanish and English, a lake with a tower, a magnificent palace and fabulous views. When I visited there were also peacocks strolling about.

Patio Nazari - Carmen de los Mártires - GardenRoomStyle

Patio Nazari

After having been in private possession for hundreds of years, the last owner donated Cármenes de los Mártires to the city in 1958. After having fallen into disrepair, it was finally restored and opened to the public in 1986.

Peacocks - Carmen de los Mártires - GardenRoomStyle

Local peacocks.

Lake - Cármenes de los Mártires - GardenRoomStyle
Bamboo structure in Carmen de los Mártires - GardenRoomStyle