A visit to the botanical garden

Today I paid a visit to the botanical garden here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not sure actually why I picked today of all days. A very grey day it was. And as I set off (on bicycle) it started to drizzle. But once a girl has made her mind up there ain’t nothing stopping her (right). As it turned out, it wasn’t a bad day to visit, almost had the place to myself.

Visit to botanical garden - GardenRoomStyle

It perked me up too. Seeing that nature still has plenty of interest to offer in spite of it all. In the Japanese Dell there was a special tranquility. The rockery garden appealed with its a-little-bit-scary-vibe tunnel/grotto. And all the moss with its lush greenness, it more than makes up for the lack of greenery above (read leaves).

The rockery garden - Gothenburg Botanical Garden - GardenRoomStyle

The Rockery Garden, Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

And then there was the tree. Not even a live one either. An old (dead) oak tree turned into land art by Stuart Ian Frost. The effect has been achieved by polishing the surface and then drilling in patterns. Personally I reckon it looks like someone has done a very precise job with a machine gun. The idea is for the dead tree to remain an ornament as long as it stays in one piece. The work of art is entitled ‘Haven – a safe place‘ – and as such potentially becoming a home to various insects. If I could I would move in asap.

Haven - a safe place - land art by Stuart Ian Frost in the Botanical Garden - GardenRoomStyle
The Japanese Valley - Gothenburg Botanical Garden - GardenRoomStyle

in the Japanese Dell

Sculpture by Carl Milles in the Botanical Garden Gothenburg

‘Najaden’ by Carl Milles