What’s blooming in mid-July?

We are now half way through summer. Officially speaking summer is, as most would know, those lovely months between June and August when vegetation is working overtime to please us with greenery and other colour. As I said in another post, as we get on with our busy lives it feels like blooms are here one day and gone the next. And I’d therefore decided to do a few pauses at regular intervals to look around and see what catches my attention. This post picks up where I left in mid-June and I’m now asking what’s blooming in mid-July?

What’s blooming in mid-July? - Garden Room Style
Contemplating blooms in the Botanical Garden, Gothenburg, Sweden.
What's blooming in July - Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star'. - Garden Room Style
Loving the icy blue colour and thistle like look of the Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’.

Walking around the local botanical garden, I thought to myself that it would perhaps be more pertinent to ask what’s not blooming? The blooms I feature here are the ones that I fancied this particular day and are only a fraction of all the fantastic flower displays on show. Pollinators are kept extremely busy!

Monarda 'Beauty of Cobham' - Garden Room Style
Monarda ‘Beauty of Cobham’. Monarda is one of my favourite perennials.

I reside in an area roughly corresponding to USDA Zone 7a (Zone 2 in Sweden). The plants shown here all prefer a sunny location, so if you like this curated selection, go ahead and plant them together. My personal design outlook though is to stick to a few species and have more of each kind. This makes more of an impact.

Hemerocallis 'Corky'- What's blooming in July - Garden Room Style
Hemerocallis ‘Corky’ – I featured a daylily in my mid-June post as well. Like not only the blooms but the leaves as well. Decorative in themselves.
Astilbe 'Irrlicht' - Garden Room Style
Astilbe ‘Irrlicht’ – Astilbes come in many colours, but felt drawn to this creamy shade.
Phlox paniculata 'Wilhelm Kesselring' - Garden Room Style
Phlox paniculata ‘Wilhelm Kesselring’ – how are these for rocking colour!?
Buddleja x weyeriana - Garden Room Style
Buddleja x weyeriana. A rather different buddleja look going on here, round balls rather than cone shaped flowers.