Scenes from a national romantic styled park

Where I am November is nicknamed Greyvember. As you might guess that has something to do with the weather. This year, apparently, it’s been greyer than usual. How swell! Miserable as it sounds – I took a stroll locally and found the following scenes from a national romantic styled park. There’s still some highlights to be seen …

Key features of the national romantic style was the usage of both natural (local) materials such as stone and a lot of decorative elements; references to old legends and tales; usage of plant and animals themes, asymmetry and symbolism. They can all be spotted in Keiller’s Park located in Gothenburb, Sweden.

Steps - Keillers Park - GardenRoomStyle
A birch - GardenRoomStyle
Water tower - Keillers Park - GArdenRoomStyle
Garnite Horse sculpture - GardenRoomStyle
Moss & Steps - Keillers Park - GardenRoomStyle
Red seating - Keillers Park - GardenRoomStyle
A heavy rock wall typical for the national romantic style - Keillers park - GardenRoomStyle