Inspirational garden designs – w28-2022.

The high pressure is on, at least in some parts of the world. For some a good time to be in a green space, perhaps not so for others. I reckon there’s still room for good outdoor vibes though so I herewith present inspirational garden designs – w28-2022.

Inspirational garden designs – w28-2022. - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs w28, 2022 – GardenRoomStyle.
  1. This end table entitled ‘Vivace’ by Laura Gonzalez is a pure joy of floral detail. For being ceramics that is. Gloriously rich green colour with a purple edging on the leaves (fern?), it will put greenery into your living space simple as. Better handle this work of art with care – might be easy to chip this gem.
  2. It might be small but what a gorgeous garden! It’s attached to the holiday home of interior designer Joanne de Lépinay and located in Cap Ferret, in western France. I particularly like the pool, almost reminiscent of a supersized bath, with the most incredible turquoise tiling. The proportions are well-considered and the overall impression of this garden is one of your own private oasis.
  3. To me lighting makes or breaks a garden. In order to put focus on “making”, inspiration is always useful. I have not been there but from what I see the MAI Museum @ Lake Garda has some pretty cool lighting displays going on. Could be a good spot to head to for new ideas.
  4. They call it the KISS principle (Keep It Simple (Stupid)). And that is clearly what Luciano Giubbilei has done designing the roof gardens for a company headquarters in Geneva. Using only green and white colours the nine domes are made from lightweight fibreglass and high quality synthetic grass. In my view it’s got a very modern Japanese feel to it.
  5. The La Reina Cocoon Chair, is the result of a collaboration between Studio Sebastian Herkner and AMES. Made in a limited edition, it indulges in all things colour and is handcrated in Colombia.
  6. I’ve recently discovered the benefits of using thyme in garden design schemes. Thyme is, as I’m sure you know, a herb. But it’s also brilliant ground cover material. Horizontally as well as vertically. It not only comes in different colours but also different flavours. How amusing isn’t that? Why not try a little bit of a coconut over there and a bit of lime over here? Just to mention a few different kinds. Having fun is important.