Spectral Self Container.

Colourful art works (not graffiti mind you) adorning public places are not that common. At least not where I’m looking. As colour makes me happy, I was rather pleased to find this striking art piece at the Anna Lindh square in Malmö, Sweden. The sculpture is entitled ‘Spectral Self Container‘ and is designed by Matti Kallioinen. It was inaugurated in 2013. The material used is aluminium, which has been coated with several layers of a special kind of pigmented laquer in order to withstand weather exposure as well as people’s touches and feels. The sculpture is 3 m high and in width 4×4 metres.

Spectral self container - Garden Room Style
Petunia colours meets Special Self Container in Malmö, Sweden.

In this photo container meets container. The latter referring to a planter filled with pansies shaped into a huge ball. I’m fairly sure the colour scheme of the pansies is not a coincidence, perfectly matching the sculpture as they do. Which I think is a very nice touch. They look great together.