Advice on houseplants and decor

Buying and decorating with houseplants is not as easy as it seems. A nearby garden centre is currently promoting a sale – 50-70% off all houseplants!? Blimey, that is tempting. Easy to buy much more than anticipated. Even if the mission is to “just have a look”, buying can be too hard to resist. My strategy tackling this scenario is to have a plan – here’s some advice on houseplants and decor.

Houseplant advice - GardenRoomStyle

We all have houseplants (well, many of us). That is certainly the case in my family. I like to move things around, changing placement of decor, including the plants. In that process (also being trained in garden design) I’ve noticed a thing or two. With plants it’s not as easy as it may seem. That is, lift the pot and move it. Not if you are after a) a good look b) doing the plants a favour.

Advice on houseplants and decor - Garden Room Style

First out would be considering ‘where will you put the plant?’. On a windowsill perhaps? Very common that is. But is that window facing east, west, south or north? Or perhaps further inside the abode? In a darkish corner maybe? Plants have different requirements (inside the house as well as outside). A palm tree liking moist, darkish environments like they have in their place of origin (under canopies) won’t tolerate full on sun in a southern aspect location. Perhaps with a radiator nearby, drying the air. Take a note of plant origin and check that place out online. It will give you a pretty good idea of what environs they like.

Epipremnum aureum - Advice on houseplants and decor -GardenRoomStyle

Secondly, what effect are you after? What is your interior decor style? In what sort of context will you put the plant? Is your style romantic or Scandinavian sleek? What sort of colours does the space have? What sort of colours are you after in plants that will match that decor? Bear in mind that there are many shades of green. Myself am rather partial to brightish greens such as that seen in the Epipremnum aureum above.

Schefflera arbiricola- Advice on houseplants and decor -GardenRoomStyle

And just a word on maintenance. How much time are you willing to spend on your plant? I found it rather interesting reading care notes in the said garden centre. One mentioned that a certain plant was easy care. Yet is stipulated that it required constantly moist soil. Which means rather regular watering. If you ain’t around much or short of time, this is not an easy task …

Good luck with your purchase. In the long term.