Stamp of future heritage

The Elle Decor (UK) January, 2023 issue revolves around the concept of ‘future heritage’. Referring to design that either link to the past in a contemporary way, look far into the future or straddle both. I considered this today walking around in a new park, inaugurated as recently as August 2022, in Gothenburg, Sweden. I could clearly see the stamp of future heritage in both materials and plants. One thing stood out like a sore thumb.

Future heritage - Jubileumsparken- GardenRoomStyle

Jubileumsparken came about at the wish of the local population. They wanted a new park. The wish was granted as part of the build-up celebrating the city’s 400th anniversary. The park is located on land previously used as a free port. Development of the area is SLOW. Attracting people to the area is considered important. Discovering it, getting the feel for it.

Slide Jubileumsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden - GardenRoomStyle
Faces - Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle

I know nothing about the brief the designers had to use as a starting point. However, I’m sure contemporary must have been a definer. How could a new park be anything but? You can tell walking around, sometimes words aren’t required. The materials speak for themselves. Smooth metal, high pressure phenolic compact boards (my guess), the colour scheme, trendy rebars and sleepers.

Leather like appearance of hand rail - Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle
Modern seating - Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle
Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle

But as can be seen in these images there are also obvious references to the past, to heritage. Such as handrails made to look like old indoor ones covered in leather. The mosaic used in the rabbit sculpture, and the appearance of the fox fable sculpture.

Fox fable sculpture - Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle

When you start really looking at the details, it’s all very interesting. I like it. If it wasn’t for the fencing. Deary, deary me. That truly spoils the party. Please replace!

Sad fencing - Jubileumsparken - GardenRoomStyle.